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Original music by Anthony Touzalin and Jordan Proença for the TV series “des bêtes et des sorcières” adapted from my book “le bestiaire des sorcières”(Rustica editions)

Des bêtes et des soricères : Série TV + Bande originale

🧙‍♀️🦉 Série documentaire Arte + Bande originale 🎶A l'occasion d'halloween, découvrez la série diffusée sur ARTE et sa bande originale poétique et maléfiquement mystérieuse ! Laissez-vous conter les légendes et superstitions autour des animaux sauvages. DEEZER = = = => Une série documentaire réalisé par Dominique Hennequin et produite par Nomades avec la participation de ARTEE, Ushuaïa TV et ViàMirabelle> Musique originale composée et orchestrée par Anthony Touzalin & Jordan Proença avec notre équipe : Jean Chiavenuto pour les clarinettes et Olivier Kundouno pour le violocnelle, Claire Laurencin pour l'édition des partitions et Antoine Barra pour le mastering de l'album.> Séquences animées réalisées par Mélusine productions> Séquences animalières tournées (entre autre) par Lesfrères Braco et Nicolas GoudeauUn remerciement tout particulier à Jean Poinsignon !

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My book “Le bestiaire des sorcières” reviewed by Rainbow Rainflower on Youtube

Many thanks to Rainbow Rainflower for the review of my book “Le bestiaire des sorcières” on Youtube.

“des bêtes et des sorcières”, a TV series adapted from my book “Le bestiaire des sorcières” will be on ARTE channel, from Monday, October 28th to Thursday, October 31st. at 7 p.m

“des bêtes et des sorcières”, the TV series adapted from my book “Le bestiaire des sorcières” (éditions Rustica) directed by Dominique Hennequin and produced by Nomades TV and Melusine productions will be broadcasted on ARTE channel from Monday, October 28th to Thursday, October 31st. at 7 p.m

John Howe’s illustrations  animated by Mélusine productions and animals filmed in live rotate perfectly well along the series

The series has 4 épisodes

  • Les mystères de la forêt (le cerf, le pic noir, le blaireau) / the mysteries of the forest (the stag, the black woodpecker, the badger)
  • la vie cachée de la prairie (le renard, le sphinx à tête de mort, le lièvre) / the hidden life of the meadow (the fox, the death’s-head hawkmoth, the hare)
  • les énigmes de l’étang (la couleuvre, le crapaud, la chauve-souris) / the enigmas of the pond (the garter snake, the toad, the bat)
  • les secrets de la ferme (la chouette effraie, le chat de ferme, la pie) / the secrets of the farm (the barn owl, the farm cat, the magpie)

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“des bêtes et des sorcières” in LE MAG – Gwenola Guidé – October 13, 2019

Le MAG / supplement to L’Est Républicain newspaper – October 13. 2019

NEWS TO COME about the book “Le bestiaire des sorcières” & the TV series “des bêtes et des sorcières”

On  Sunday October 13, 2019 an article from GWENOLA GUIDÉ

will be be published into le MAG, L’EST RÉPUBLICAIN,

Preview of the TV series “DES BÊTES ET DES SORCIÈRES ” adapted from my book “LE BESTIAIRE DES SORCIÈRES”

Too proud ! 

Adapted from my book “Le bestiaire des sorcières” published by Rustica (have a look… at the block of text at the bottom right of the poster😄) the series “des bêtes et des sorcières” a television product by Dominique Hennequin, film director and producer in Metz (Nomades TV) will be previewed at cinéma KLUB,  5 rue Fabert – Metz on Thursday, October 10 at 7:30 pm. 

(Illustrations by John Howe animated by Melusine productions (Luxemburg) /  poster created by Mélanie Kochert)(Illustrations by Illustrations John Howe mises en animation par Mélusine productions (Luxembourg) / conception graphique de l’affiche: Mélanie Kochert)


I’ll be there for signing my book at 7:00 pm at cinema KLUB accompanied by Hisler Even bookstore. 


The series will be broadcasted on ARTE on October 28-29-30-31  at 7:00  pm then on Ushuaïa TV and ViàMirabelle

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“It’s the witches summer” – CITAD’ELLES n°20, a women’s magazine without a fence around it

Approached by Citad’elles magazine made by and for inmates at the Rennes female prison  I contributed to the last issue. It was a unique experience to which I responded positively.

Giving voices to women deprived of it is the ambition of the Citad’elles project. It enables a group of long-term prisoners of the Rennes prison centre to produce a professional quality women’s magazine. Created in 2012 by the association “Les établissements Bollec“, in collaboration with the teaching league – which benefits from the support of the Ministry of Culture for its actions within the framework of the culture-justice programme – Citad’elles is a real quarterly publication of about fifty pages distributed in the prison of Rennes and made available to the general public through its website.

Awarded a prize at the Journalism Forum of Tours 2017 by the Ministry of Culture, the Citad’elles project offers prisoners at the Rennes prison to carry out a quarterly review under professional conditions.”


MY AUTUMN LITERARY SEASON: “My 2020 Witch Diary” + “The 2020 Marvel Almanac” + “Angels, Benefits and Protection”

Here are my last 3 books, they are already or will be soon in bookshops!

“Mon agenda de sorcière 2020 (My 2020 Witch Diary) ” (published on August 24. 2019)

As every year since 2017, I have concocted potions, recipes and magic formulas for you. In this diary you will discover the characteristics of plants, trees and minerals all renewed from year to year. You will also find proverbs or  sayings associated to each element described as well as legends and magic anecdotes. May all this delight you and do you good throughout 2020 !

Remember to book your diary quickly, the last edition was sold out by mid-December

“L’almanach des merveilles 2020 (The 2020 Marvel almanac)” (launch on October 18. 2019)

A magical “mix” to delight your days throughout 2020. Collective work with 2 other authors.

“Anges, bienfaits et protection (Angels, Benefits and Protection)” (launch on October 25. 2019)

Thanks to this angelic guide, a very beautiful book with a golden edge, teeming with information about the celestial world and illustrated with superb images, enter the wonderful world of the afterlife… And discover the name of your guardian angel, his character and his attributions. He will give you his benefits, his help and his protection.






After the weather disaster of August 15th, rain and gale at Place aux Arts broke my frames. A lot of damage and an early end of exhibition for me. But repairs are in progress and I will show prints, etchings, collages and paper objects at the Rougemont le château creators’ market on August 31. This village was part of my adolescence and I will be happy to return to it. It is also the home of Bruno Geyer, gardener poet with his 900 watering cans. If he is well known here, he is also known by a lot of tourists. Discover his shop if you have never visited it !

At the moment, I am exploring other medias, watercolour, markers, textile inks and playing with spontaneous drawing…

while listening to ZAKOUSKA, a group of Strasbourg musicians. I love their music, advocating “mixing and meeting people”: gypsy tunes from Romania, jazz scoundrels from New York clubs, North African transes, it’s cheerful, creative, it makes you want to travel, it makes you happy !

I went to listen to them at the Moulin de Hundsbach in Sundgau (southern Alsace for those who are not from the area), a superb place that served as a setting for an exhibition of watercolours, painting and photography during a whole weekend and I was able to enjoy them. The party was there with flambé pie, beer and local pork. New edition next year at the same time for other exhibitions and always music and festive table. I will tell you more before the event.

A little glimpse of their music?


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