A visit to the MAUSA, Museum of Urban and Street Art – Neuf-Brisach, Alsace

Nestled on the German border, in the heart of the Alsatian town of Neuf-Brisach in the ramparts of Vauban’s fortress (1698 – 1704), the MAUSA (Museum of Urban and Street Art) is an atypical place. Highly colourful, dedicated to urban art, it opened its doors in July 2018. Since that date, Street art artists recognized worldwide, invest the place and cover the walls with their works.

A giant drawing on the facade of a building announces the museum. Follow the path along the grassy courtyard and enter the ramparts through the half arched gate.

The MAUSA is a living museum. It is not uncommon to come across an artist perched on a ladder with a spray can in hand. Among the many colorful works that adorn the space, you can discover, among others, those of Charles Uzzell Edwards, Aka Pure Evil, English graffiti artist, Ben Eine, whose real name is Ben Flynn, London graffiti artist, Christian Guémy, French stencil artist, Denis Meyers, Belgian urban artist, or Charles Leval, aka Levalet, French street art artist.