Usages & savoirs de sorcière – l’agenda 2024 arrives in bookshops!

It will be available in bookshops on August 18.

Quickly book your diary  : “Usages & savoirs de sorcière – l’agenda 2024”  (The 2023 edition has been off to a flying start!)

by the exceptional coven of 13 witches:

*Nolwenn Mellier – Pandora Hearts/Instagram: 

* Alexandra Fryda Marty – Moon Sisters/Instagram: @moonsistersparis

* Stéphanie Ribeiro – Graine de sorcière/Instagram: @grainedesorciere

* Laure Vallée – Atelier Oracle/Instagram: @atelieroracle

* Rébecca de Geetere – site: /Instagram: @rebecca_de_geeterre

* Noémie Myara – MyEimeon /Instagram: @myeimeon

* Marine Nina Denis-Luna /Instagram: @flosetluna

* Flora Denis-Flos /Instagram: @flosetluna

* Caroline Chermeux – Fleurs sauvages /Instagram: @fleurs_sauvages_officiel

* Corinne De Leenheer – Anaïtis /Instagram: @deleenheercorinne

* Sophie Macheteau – Dhara /Instagram: @suzanegreen

*Denise Crolle-Terzaghi – Artémie /Instagram: @denisecrolleterzaghi

*Anne-Sophie Casper – La sorcière aux mille couleurs /Instagram: @annesophie_casper

Many thanks to Ludmilla Guillet, our editor / Instagram: @ludmilla.guillet

Here’s a sneak preview!

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Secrets of beloved witches

New and beautiful, full of our modern witches’ secrets, the 2023 Witches’ Uses and Lore Agenda has just been published. Reserve it now, so you don’t miss it!
Secrets d’étoiles editions, @Ludmilla Guillet our editor,
written by the Coven of 13 witches

@Nolwenn Mellier,
@ Alexandra Fryda Marty,
@Stéphanie Ribeiro,
@ Laure Vallée,
@ Fabienne Goddyn,
@Noémie Myara,
@Marine Nina Denis,
@Flora Denis,
@Caroline Chermeux,
@Corinne De Leenheer,
@Sophie Macheteau,
@Anne sophie Casper,
and myself, Denise Crolle-Terzaghi

And a surprise in agreement, an article by Christine Rondot of the Est Républicain, photo credit @Christine Dumas