Secrets of beloved witches

New and beautiful, full of our modern witches’ secrets, the 2023 Witches’ Uses and Lore Agenda has just been published. Reserve it now, so you don’t miss it!
Secrets d’étoiles editions, @Ludmilla Guillet our editor,
written by the Coven of 13 witches

@Nolwenn Mellier,
@ Alexandra Fryda Marty,
@Stéphanie Ribeiro,
@ Laure Vallée,
@ Fabienne Goddyn,
@Noémie Myara,
@Marine Nina Denis,
@Flora Denis,
@Caroline Chermeux,
@Corinne De Leenheer,
@Sophie Macheteau,
@Anne sophie Casper,
and myself, Denise Crolle-Terzaghi

And a surprise in agreement, an article by Christine Rondot of the Est Républicain, photo credit @Christine Dumas

MY AUTUMN LITERARY SEASON: “My 2020 Witch Diary” + “The 2020 Marvel Almanac” + “Angels, Benefits and Protection”

Here are my last 3 books, they are already or will be soon in bookshops!

“Mon agenda de sorcière 2020 (My 2020 Witch Diary) ” (published on August 24. 2019)

As every year since 2017, I have concocted potions, recipes and magic formulas for you. In this diary you will discover the characteristics of plants, trees and minerals all renewed from year to year. You will also find proverbs or  sayings associated to each element described as well as legends and magic anecdotes. May all this delight you and do you good throughout 2020 !

Remember to book your diary quickly, the last edition was sold out by mid-December

“L’almanach des merveilles 2020 (The 2020 Marvel almanac)” (launch on October 18. 2019)

A magical “mix” to delight your days throughout 2020. Collective work with 2 other authors.

“Anges, bienfaits et protection (Angels, Benefits and Protection)” (launch on October 25. 2019)

Thanks to this angelic guide, a very beautiful book with a golden edge, teeming with information about the celestial world and illustrated with superb images, enter the wonderful world of the afterlife… And discover the name of your guardian angel, his character and his attributions. He will give you his benefits, his help and his protection.