“Fly, fly, fly or I’ll catch you” one of my object books exhibited at KBAC, Michigan, USA

My accordion book “Fly, fly, or I’ll catch you” pinned in the newsletter of the KBAC in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, where it is currently on display with 134 other illustrated accordion books #kalamazoomichigan #kalamazoobookarts #kalamazoobookartscenter #theillustratedaccordion

Drawings inspired by Alsatian folklore created for the restaurant Mémé Liesel in Denney

Pauline and Nicolas of the restaurant Mémé Liesel in Denney (Territoire de Belfort) commissioned me to create these drawings and paint them onto wooden slides to decorate the tables of their restaurant.

12 of my original artworks are exhibited at AVIVA Kitchens BELFORT-Andelnans

A big thank you to Mr. Goran Milinkovic for offering me the opportunity to exhibit my artwork in his beautiful store Kitchens AVIVA BELFORT-Andelnans







Collage on paper, personalized on order

I make custom collages on paper and digital collages.

According to your tastes and the desired theme, I will choose the colors of your choice and will introduce in my composition the elements you like.

Delay: 1 week (or less depending on the time I have)

Do not hesitate to contact me

Belfort, monuments and architecture, my photos transformed into illustrations

It is during a walk that I photographed some emblematic monuments of the city of Belfort, typical places as well as architectural details.

I then processed my photos graphically, as an illustration, to edit them on double cards, 10x15cm format. They are sold with an envelope.

L’Est républicain Belfort 30 août 2022

Des cartes postales artistiques pour Belfort

Lion de Belfort, réverbère en vieille ville, kiosque à musique, maisons en pierre de taille : Denise Crolle-Terzaghi met en vente une série de cartes postales montrant le Belfort historique et pittoresque.
Par Christine RONDOT30 août 2022 à 19:43 – Temps de lecture : 2 min
Denise Crolle-Terzaghi, artiste et auteur à Chaux dans le Territoire de Belfort, Les cartes postales dessinées par Denise, et représentant différents lieux de Belfort seront proposées à l’office de tourisme de Belfort.  Photo ER /Christine DUMAS

New! Personalized portraits in collages

Digital collage or paper collage, each personalized project is limited to 1 copy.

I stage for you the photos of your childhood or more recent images, those of your couple, your child, a loved one or your pet.

An ideal gift for a birth, a wedding, a birthday, etc…

Entrust me with your photos, tell me your favorite colors, the elements you wish to associate and I will create for you a unique work in your image.

Deadline : about 1 week (or shorter depending on my availability – contact me before ordering)

Rates :

Digital collage / unique personalized piece, framed, quality frame, format 30 x 30 cm or 30 x 40 cm according to elements to be introduced in the image, portrait or landscape orientation (to be specified), printed with quality inks Epson UltraChrome Pro 10 :

60 € INCL. VAT (20%)

Collage on paper / unique personalized piece, framed, quality frame, size 30 x 40 cm, portrait or landscape orientation (to be specified) + pdf of the collage offered so you can print cards, announcements … :

115 € INCL. VAT (5.5%)

Certificates of authenticity and invoices provided.

“My little world” – digital collage created from a photo of my childhood