“TOUCH” – ShinHanart Korea Twin Marker review

Just reviewed the new professional Twin markers TOUCH from ShinHanart Korea.  204 vibrant colours, a fine point nib for the details, a broad chisel nib for painting more important surfaces. Excellent for colour swatches. For very thin details better use the TOUCH  liners (nib size 0,05 mm to 0,8 mm /13 colours).

I tested the erasable carbon paper from CopyRite onto watercolour paper

I tested the erasable carbon paper from  CopyRite.

Transfer of a drawing onto watercolour paper.

Very good results : Does not stain the paper. Lines can be erased without leaving any marks. Perfect for transferring properly  without being afraid of getting the paper dirty. It can also be used to transfer a design onto canvas or  fabric.  Several colours of carbon are available : black, blue, red, yellow  and white which is convenient for transferring on a medium of any colour.

This erasable carbon paper  is now distributed in Germany  under the brand AMI



Discover my art work at MEÏKA’s gift shop in Belfort

Situated in the old town of Belfort on the way to the citadel Meïka’s gift shop which has a half Japanese half Scandinavian atmosphere offers a charming nest to my prints. Thanks to Sylvie who is an expert in origami as well as a paper and colour lover !