Chère campagne de mon enfance (Dear country of my childhood) / years 1950-1960-1970




Dear country of my childhood… The 50’s are the years of rural sector modernization, the  60’s those of new technologies, the electrical household spreads out, city comfort mades its way into homes. During the 70’s big  family farms get more  profitable while small ones struggle to follow the movement. New age of hypermarkets, increasing of leisure time … Those who stay in the country gain comfort.

New publication : May 2016

(Français) De nos premiers pas à nos premières fois… 1953 -1943, nouvelle collection chez PRAT éditions !

DE NOS PREMIERS PAS À NOS PREMIÈRES FOIS Collection , launching 15th May 2013

For us everything started in 1943  : my author’s pseudonym Philippine LORC /  For us everything started in 1953 : my author’s name Denise CROLLE-TERZAGHI

64 pages, size 16,5 x 21,5 cm, a beautiful memory album with authentic photos from our childhood, our teenager and young adult times !

In the tradition of the successful  1001 secrets collection  Prat Editions (french publishing house)  is launching a new gift collection with a personal and friendly tone which arouses  emotion and nostalgy combined with photos and memories. From the day of our birth to our 25 year time, these books invite us to find back all the flavour of our first steps and our first times.
These beautiful books are intended for all of you who wish to spend a good time remembering childhood memories.

  • You will find some free spaces on which you can add your own photos and write down your memories
  • You’ll find also some quiz to remember old advertisings, lyrics of  well-known songs or the immortal replies of the movies of our generation.