In 2019 will you be an angel or a witch ?

Launching of my new 2019 diaries into bookstores !

Get ready… in 2019, will you be an angel or a witch ? My 2 new “babies” : ” Mon agenda de sorcière 2019″ (My witch diary), updated and enriched contain (magic of the plants, trees and stones ) and “Mon agenda des anges 2019” (My angel diary) new subject (benefits and protection) have been published. Run to your favourite bookstore to buy one or the both of them ! And leave your comments !

My witch diary – 2018 issue. Run to the bookstore… it is already available

For all of you who were waiting for it, here it is all new with a completely renewed content compared with 2017 and 2016 issues.

If you have never heard of my diary series run to the bookstore to buy this new issue and enjoy discovering my super powers !