Filming with France 3 Franche-Comté TV for “Rendez-vous chez vous

Nice surprise this week.

A team from France 3 Franche Comté (journalist Catherine Schulbaum, camera operator Greg Adnot, sound recordist Thomas Hardy) came to shoot in my workshop and also in the village of Chaux for “Rendez-vous chez vous”, a daily program about unusual subjects and atypical activities, broadcasted in the greater Burgundy Franche Comté region at 11:53 am and 6:53 pm from Monday to Friday.

Broadcasting date to come.

Thanks to all the team !

FRANCE3 BESANCON TV channel – today November 4th. 6:53 pm

from the book  “Le bestiaire des sorcières” to the series “des bêtes et des sorcières”

Report at the Belfort public library and in the forest of Chaux (90330)

Filming : Florence Petit / Interview : Emmanuel Rivallain / Sounds : Joe Gutleben / Mixing and mounting : Guillaume Bessaa