I was born into a very creative family. My father designed and made automobile prototypes, my grandmother was a skilled embroiderer, my uncles wrote poetry ,books and practiced drawing. Together they passed on to me passions for design, writing and crafts.

As a teenager I was a student in a painter’s workshop. I studied literature at high school, spent two years in London where I passed the Proficiency of Cambridge university exam then taught English in France before going back to study illustration, painting and photography at fine art school.

For more than 20 years I have been creating and writing for magazines and craft books and have worked with the worlds leading thread, paper and artist paint companies.

Being true to the philosophy of traveling that I inherited from my childhood and practicing several languages, I go abroad on assignments for my customers and work with European, American and Russian magazines. From these travels, I fill myself with pictures and surroundings which nourish my creativity.