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Santa, can you hear us ?

My studio is ready to welcome you every afternoon, from 2pm to 7pm, from Saturday December 9th to Friday December 22nd.
Nocturnes on Thursday December 14 and 21 until 9.30pm.

3 local and regional designers will be exhibiting with me.
We’ll be presenting our latest creations, original, delicate or poetic, staged like a cabinet of curiosities.

Come and visit us, push open the studio door and leave with your arms full of original, unusual and unique gifts.

Exhibition opening in the presence of the artists, Saturday December 9, 5pm.

Art in a box

I’ve always loved collages, mixing objects and materials, assembling elements that respond to each other and tell a story. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been collecting anything and everything that might inspire me to create flat or voluminous compositions.
Art in a box is what Joseph Cornell practiced in the early 20th century. This American artist, sculptor and experimental film-maker was a precursor of assemblage, with a particular penchant for birds. And his work remains a source of inspiration. In his own way, I created this showcase from an A4 frame, air navigation maps – thanks to Sylvie (she will recognize herself) for these inspiring documents – vintage images of birds that I re-colored, feathers collected in the wild, natural berries treated to retain their color and a DMC embroidery thread chart.

Showcase with protective glass
Available for sale.

A little house in the forest (mixed media art)

Hey ! Could this be the cabinet of curiosities of Artemie the witch, heroine of my latest book “Le cabinet de curiosités de la sorcière” published in the “Petits précieux” collection by Rustica?

Which one is hers ? Try to guess…

Artwork in mixed media : wood, cardboard, found and recycled objects (collaged paper, old coins, waxed rusty keys, old pieces of earthenware with a river-water patina, bird prints from old books).

#mixedmediaart #collage #recup

Mixed-media wooden bird from the woods (collage & recuperation)

Mixed media artwork: hand-printed paper, carved wooden beak, reclaimed objects (old waxed rusty keys, buttons, ribbon, lucky charm bottle with amethyst, white quartz, black tourmaline, pink salt, rosemary).

#sculpturepoetique #mixedmediaart #collage #recup #poeticsculpture

My latest books are in bookshops

“Le cabinet de curiosités de la sorcière” (The Witch’s Cabinet of Curiosities)

Hello everyone, I had announced the release of my latest book, leaving the mystery of the witch character I’ve created for this beautiful book just published by Editions Rustica in the “petits précieux” collection …..

One of the most unusual cabinets of curiosities is hidden in the cabin of the witch Artemia. A woman of occult powers, a healer, an enchantress and a magician of nature, Artemia shares her most astonishing objects and ingredients with you. Turn the pages of this book and immerse yourself in the witch’s world of unusual minerals and magical plants, where legends and secrets of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms intertwine. As in the Renaissance, when cabinets of curiosities were favored by collectors eager to discover unknown worlds and their curiosities, Artemia, today’s witch, calls on her traveling friends to bring her forgotten treasures from the four corners of the globe. Let yourself be guided and bewitched by her secret universe, and relive the days of the cabinets of curiosities that were in vogue for almost four centuries, and create your own personal chamber of wonders at home.

#cabinetdecuriosités #chambredesmerveilles #mirabilia #sorcière #sorcellerie #esoterisme #regnemineral #regnevegetal #regneanimal #legends #pratiquesmagiques #magie #magic #secretdetoileseditions #secretdetoiles

“Sorts et potions de sorcière” (“Witch spells and potions”)

Parcourez ce petit grimoire pour faire vôtre les secrets de sorcières, découvrez leurs potions, philtres et rituels remplis de magie et de bonnes intentions. #sorcière #magie #sorcellerie #rituels #esoterisme #potions #sorts #secretdetoileseditions #secretdetoiles