My mood is wandering between trips, writing, and pictures. Meet me on the crossroads where words and colours intersect.

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New! Personalized portraits in collages

Digital collage or paper collage, each personalized project is limited to 1 copy.

I stage for you the photos of your childhood or more recent images, those of your couple, your child, a loved one or your pet.

An ideal gift for a birth, a wedding, a birthday, etc…

Entrust me with your photos, tell me your favorite colors, the elements you wish to associate and I will create for you a unique work in your image.

Deadline : about 1 week (or shorter depending on my availability – contact me before ordering)

Rates :

Digital collage / unique personalized piece, framed, quality frame, format 30 x 30 cm or 30 x 40 cm according to elements to be introduced in the image, portrait or landscape orientation (to be specified), printed with quality inks Epson UltraChrome Pro 10 :

60 € INCL. VAT (20%)

Collage on paper / unique personalized piece, framed, quality frame, size 30 x 40 cm, portrait or landscape orientation (to be specified) + pdf of the collage offered so you can print cards, announcements … :

115 € INCL. VAT (5.5%)

Certificates of authenticity and invoices provided.

“My little world” – digital collage created from a photo of my childhood

See life in blue


Blue is the color of quietness, peacefulness, softness.

This illustration created in monotype and enhanced with liner is the first of a series on European nesting birds. Here I was inspired by the curlew.

And here are a few new colour prints, still inspired by European nesting birds : the Golden Plover and the Eurasian dotterel

Blue and its complementary colour : orange


Art & Craft exhibition in the old town of Belfort

Si vous appréciez les œuvres artisanales originales et uniques, l’exposition de l’association “Mine de rien la récup c est de l’art” s’adresse à vous !

Venez pousser la porte de la maison de quartier de la Vieille Ville de Belfort, ce dimanche 06 mars dès 8h pendant le marché aux puces et jusqu’à 18h.

J’y présenterai mes dernières créations et vous pourrez rencontrer également Clémentine MARTINEZ, Sylvie et Christophe d’ARCANGUES, Catherine MICHELET, Monique SCHWEBEL, Evelyne GILLET, Blandine NOBLE HAMMERER , Sandrine GUILLIER DE CHALVRON et Isabelle PARADOWSKI-GROUBATCH.

Nous sommes un groupe d’artistes aux talents multiples mettant en lumière le papier, le carton, la terre, le tissu, la peinture et le bois.

NE MANQUEZ PAS CET ÉVÈNEMENT ! Nous vous attendons nombreux.

Maison de quartier de la Vieille Ville – BELFORT, 3 rue des Boucheries (rue qui longe le côté gauche de la mairie et débouche sur la place d’armes où se trouve la cathédrale)

Kalamazoo illustrated accordion book exhibition


L’exposition internationale de livres accordéon illustrés “The illustrated accordion” est ouverte au Kalamazoo Book Arts Center à Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, du 4 février au 25 mars 2022. Retrouvez mon livre dans la galerie virtuelle ou passez au centre si vous êtes par-là

2022 … Very good Tiger year !

Associated with courage, change and prudence, the Water Tiger rules the year 2022, year 4027 of the Chinese calendar.

This sign heralds great upheavals in our lives, a time for a new beginning.

From February 1, 2022 to January 21, 2023, follow your intuition, show ardor and determination, but also prudence to give your life the perfect balance.

Very good year 2022!

On the local radio today


Our Christmas pop up store is open

Open until December 19

2 pm to 7.30 pm every day including Sunday

Open until 10 pm on Friday


Engravings, prints, watercolour paintings, collages, digital art, books… My work focuses mainly on paper, on writing and, secondarily, on textile, reminiscent of my years of creation in the field of DIY for magazines and publishing houses

Céline Delplanque, a guest in my studio, practices free-motion machine embroidery. The thread replaces the pencil. She creates colourful accessories: scarves, mittens, brooches, goblins, bags or pouches in fabric printed with her own designs.

Etsy shop :

Louise Midgley, another guest in my studio, is an animal ceramist. After observing animals in nature, she collects the details of their morphology and then sketches their portrait on paper. Then comes the modelling of the clay (stoneware), the glazing colour by colour and several firings before the final result. In total, often 40 to 60 hours of work. Louise also creates stoneware labels for the garden