My mood is wandering between trips, writing, and pictures. Meet me on the crossroads where words and colours intersect.

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2 of my books translated in Chinese and Italian

A nice surprise at the beginning of this new year. I have just received the foreign versions of two of my books:

“À toi la Russie” (éditions Milan 2012) was published in Chinese under the title 去旅行 (Voyager) by Dang Dang / Sunshine Media in 2017 with 5 other titles by other authors (À toi la Norvège, À toi l’Inde, À toi le Maroc, À toi le Portugal, À toi le Sénégal) in a collective work of more than 200 pages. “À toi la Russie” appears at the opening of the book.

L’almanach des merveilles 2020″ (Éditions Rustica) was published in Italian in 2020 under the title “L’almanacco delle meraviglie” (The almanac of wonders 2020) by Armenia Publishing.

The art of collage – Course at the studio

The art of collage or the discovery of the many possibilities offered by paper.

Creating a range of colours, collecting all kinds of paper, cutting, tearing shapes, composing an image and telling a story in an abstract or illustrative way are some of the different step by step in this workshop.


Watercolour backgrounds from a range of colours

(creative elements challenge #Laurahorn)

Painting with tea and coffee

Painting and drawing with tea and coffee, without brushes, using a feather, a toothpick, a twig of wood and a dry tree leaf as tools (creative elements challenge #lauraHorn)

Observation drawings in series

Quick drawings without preparation, just observation, made with marker and gel pen on acrylic and watercolour backgrounds, the idea being to make a series on a theme (creative elements challenge #LauraHorn)

Model for a textile competition

2 illustrations for a scarf project (for the Soroptimist International Club 2021 Centenary contest)

Little stories in pictures

Collages from vintage pictures

Vintage Russia

An enchanted garden

At school

Wishing you a happy new year !

A brand new year to start off on the right foot,
Go further,
See things differently,
Dream of elsewhere,
Be creative,
Write new stories,
Change your mind,
Have a break,
Take care of yourself,
Taste simple pleasures,
Savour every moment …
My best wishes for a healthy, sweet and quiet year 2021.

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