“Les experts” – France Bleu île de France – 7th july

On Thursday  7th July I will present my book “1001 secrets de décoration et rénovation” (1001 secrets on decoration and renovation) on live in the France Bleu ile de France radio broadcast “les experts” (the experts) and I will answer the questions of the radio listeners.


1001 secrets_idéco rénovation_couve_OK-1

Chère campagne de mon enfance (Dear country of my childhood) / years 1950-1960-1970




Dear country of my childhood… The 50’s are the years of rural sector modernization, the  60’s those of new technologies, the electrical household spreads out, city comfort mades its way into homes. During the 70’s big  family farms get more  profitable while small ones struggle to follow the movement. New age of hypermarkets, increasing of leisure time … Those who stay in the country gain comfort.

New publication : May 2016

“Une petite cabane dans mon jardin”(a small cabin in my garden) published by Rustica


Get inspired by these original and charming  garden and tree houses and make your dreams come true !

Published on March 18th. 2016

Rustica Editions

Photos by Flore Palix

1001 secrets de Noël – newspaper stand version


1001 secrets de Noël

Denise Crolle-Terzaghi

Vous êtes en manque d’idées pour fêter noël et vous souhaitez que celui-ci reste inoubliable ?
Découvrez le livre coup de coeur pour renouer avec la magie, si douce et si belle, de Noël !

Cadeaux, déco, gourmandises, réveillon, organisation : des idées à foison pour fêter Noël.
L’hiver n’est pas encore installé et pourtant les prémices de Noël se font déjà sentir ! Et comme il fait bon rêver à son arrivée prochaine…
Bercée par ces images fortes des Noël de son enfance, Denise Crolle-Terzaghi a souhaité nous transmettre ce petit livre de trucs et astuces tout en couleurs.

À l’intérieur de ce petit bijou, des idées à foison et pour tout réaliser soi-même : de lumineuses couronnes de l’avent ; des sapins insolites ; des jouets naturels à deux francs six sous ; du pain d’épice ; de délicieuses gourmandises en chocolat ; des accessoires à base de copeaux, de branches ou de tissus ; des travaux d’aiguille et de récup ; des cornets surprise ; des savoir-faire et des traditions venues d’ailleurs ; de la déco pour « customiser au naturel » sa maison et une multitude de petits plus pour célébrer Noël.A découvrir aussi, des anecdotes sur cette période festive et ses traditions pous faire le plein  pour faire le plein d’images, de senteurs, d’arômes et de saveurs.


(Le contenu est identique à l’édition publiée en librairie mais la version vendue chez les marchands de journaux est une édition de 208 pages avec une couverture souple à petit prix).

Parution : Novembre 2015
Format : 17×23.5 cm
Prix : 9.99 €

“Le bestiaire des sorcières” (The bestiary of the witches) is published !


saturday November.28 from 2.30 pm


Published on October 15. 2015

For this “bestiary of the witches” a beautiful book with its gild edge pages and illustrations from the past published by Rustica I searched in the annals of history the legends and real facts of witchery connected with animals.

From the Antiquity to the Middle-Ages animals played an important role being alternately good or bad.  Sacrified to the gods of greec latin and egyptian  mythology by magicians who predicted augurs  they were also used in  pharmacopoeia as a complement to herbal  medicinal products.

Doctors as well as witches and magicians living during the Middle Ages widely taped into the knowledge of the first scientists and naturalists. The animal from which organic extracts are mixed with medical prescriptions is used as a transfer to absorb illnesses but is also used into magical ceremonies organized by witches who take advantage ot the naive spirit of poor people and enhance superstitions.

Twenty five animals who are magic  beneficial or diabolical can be found in that book. There are  for example the cat, the bat, the weasel, the stag, the hoopoe, the owl, the magpie, the hen… as well as all the devils hidden into half man and half beast bodies and who reign supreme  over the world !

Photos by Nook who made my work look so great ! Thanks !


starring Kotetsu the cat


1001 secrets de Noël (1001 Christmas secrets) 2015 version is published !


saturday November.28 from 2.30 pm

1001 secrets Noel-version2015

sold with a vintage postcard




The Little Red Riding Hood : Mixed media objects – Monotype – Hand-made book

Artistic work based on the wolf, in reference to Grimm’s tale : The Little Red Riding Hood

Hand made book commissioned by the Belfort 4 As Library for its youth collection of hand made books


Esoterism, Magic and Witchery

Bestiaire des sorcieresReservations are open !

My new book “Le bestiaire des sorcières” (The witches bestiary) published by the french publishing house RUSTICA will be launched in bookstores on october 16th. In that book I invite you to discover animals connected with witches (spider, cat, owl, snake, bat, etc.) through stories, legends, anecdotes or secret recipes.


Bael Bael, a devil  from Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire infernal (Infernal dictionary) 1862

Writing… a new book

Sorry ! I have not been posting since mid-february when I started to write a new book… a big one, an art object book. Shh ! you will discover it within a few months. I will let you know as soon as possible.

Julie Kokeshi magazine n° 12 is published !

Julie Kokeshi 12-dec14

I created kawai crafts for all the girls who are fan of Japan. The last issue of  Julie Kokeshi magazine (Décember 2014) is published. It is full of craft ideas: 2 versions for a mobile, origami birds, a note book with a Kokeshi, a Kokeshi you can dress up, some small frames with cats, a cherry tree blossom garland… and a  kit of wooden pieces ready to paint and decorate, acrylic paint, glitter powder, sequins, ribbon are included with the magazine.