2 of my books translated in Chinese and Italian

A nice surprise at the beginning of this new year. I have just received the foreign versions of two of my books:

“À toi la Russie” (éditions Milan 2012) was published in Chinese under the title 去旅行 (Voyager) by Dang Dang / Sunshine Media in 2017 with 5 other titles by other authors (À toi la Norvège, À toi l’Inde, À toi le Maroc, À toi le Portugal, À toi le Sénégal) in a collective work of more than 200 pages. “À toi la Russie” appears at the opening of the book.


L’almanach des merveilles 2020″ (Éditions Rustica) was published in Italian in 2020 under the title “L’almanacco delle meraviglie” (The almanac of wonders 2020) by Armenia Publishing.

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