Usages & savoirs de sorcière – l’agenda 2024 arrives in bookshops!

It will be available in bookshops on August 18.

Quickly book your diary  : “Usages & savoirs de sorcière – l’agenda 2024”  (The 2023 edition has been off to a flying start!)

by the exceptional coven of 13 witches:

*Nolwenn Mellier – Pandora Hearts/Instagram: 

* Alexandra Fryda Marty – Moon Sisters/Instagram: @moonsistersparis

* Stéphanie Ribeiro – Graine de sorcière/Instagram: @grainedesorciere

* Laure Vallée – Atelier Oracle/Instagram: @atelieroracle

* Rébecca de Geetere – site: /Instagram: @rebecca_de_geeterre

* Noémie Myara – MyEimeon /Instagram: @myeimeon

* Marine Nina Denis-Luna /Instagram: @flosetluna

* Flora Denis-Flos /Instagram: @flosetluna

* Caroline Chermeux – Fleurs sauvages /Instagram: @fleurs_sauvages_officiel

* Corinne De Leenheer – Anaïtis /Instagram: @deleenheercorinne

* Sophie Macheteau – Dhara /Instagram: @suzanegreen

*Denise Crolle-Terzaghi – Artémie /Instagram: @denisecrolleterzaghi

*Anne-Sophie Casper – La sorcière aux mille couleurs /Instagram: @annesophie_casper

Many thanks to Ludmilla Guillet, our editor / Instagram: @ludmilla.guillet

Here’s a sneak preview!

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