“Rendez-vous chez vous”, France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté, live video

“Rendez-vous chez vous”, a France 3 program, filmed in my studio and the village of Chaux was broadcasted in the great region of Burgundy Franche Comté on NOVEMBER 15, 2022 at 11H53 and 18H53 as well as on November 19 at 18h53. Available in replay on : https://www.france.tv/france-3/bourgogne-franche-comte/11h50-franche-comte/4334914-emission-du-mardi-15-novembre-2022.html

and live hereafter

TV Reportage by :

Catherine Schulbaum (journalist), Greg Adnot (camera operator), Thomas Hardy (sound recordist) and Emmanuel Blanc.

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