And if we were printing with a pasta machine ?

A pencil, some drawing paper, a brayer, printing inks or acrylic paints, a few polystyrene meat containers, a pasta machine and voila your first print is almost done !

  1. Cut out the base of the meat containers into pieces of 8,5cm x 11,5cm (3 1/2 ” x 4 1/2″), the paper into rectangles of 11cm x 13 cm (4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″).
  2. Prepare your design, put it on top of one piece of polystyrene and transfer it by pressing the end of the pencil onto the lines.
  3. Discard the design and press the lines again with the pencil. You can also use a ballpoint.
  4. Adjust the flat roll gauges of the machine to the thickness of the polystyrene and paper. You will find a rotary knob on one side of the machine to do that.
  5. Ink your brayer and plate. You can use inks for linocut or acrylic paint. Personnaly I prefer inks.
  6. Cover the inked plate with the paper. Slip them together between the two rollers. Turn the pasta machine crank… and voila ! You made your first impression, why not make another one ?

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