Marché des Arts (Art Market)… in Mulhouse on saturday August 8th !

Be strong-what David sees..

What i see (By David “the guy with the 3d printer”) :

I see a sad/ angry girl. I see a plane. I see a bird upside down. I can read the phrase: be strong. Also the color blue
For me this is a depiction of a long distance relationship. The girl is sad/ angry because she cant be in that plane with her lover. Here joy is gone as the bird is upside down. For me birds are a simbol of joy. Now the phrase be strong is directed to the couple in general. The girl has to be strong and accept that the lover is away. The lover is probably the one who sees the picture in his head and has to reassure himself, that despite the girl is suffering she loves him.

Emmene-moi en voyage

Next Art Market will take place in Mulhouse – square de la Bourse – next saturday 8 August.

This event is well organized and very friendly. It will be a pleasure for your eyes…and ears. There is a piano there and music all day long. Come and visit us between 10 am and 7 pm. You’re welcome !

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