The beautiful pieces of art from my little artists – Planche des belles filles – 12 august 2021

Workshop for children at La planche des belles filles on August 12


Workshop for children at La Planche des belles filles, it is for tomorrow from 2pm to 4pm.
Painting without brushes… using coffee, tea, water based inks and unusual tools such as feathers, small branches, wooden sticks, stones and straws. We will be using Italia watercolour paper from Magnani, 300g, 100 % cotton, a paper that does not buckle when wet !

The art of collage – Course at the studio

The art of collage or the discovery of the many possibilities offered by paper.

Creating a range of colours, collecting all kinds of paper, cutting, tearing shapes, composing an image and telling a story in an abstract or illustrative way are some of the different step by step in this workshop.


Linocut : Even young people can realize beautiful prints

Linocutting workshop in a little corner of paradise

All starts by a drawing then a rubber block is sculpted by hand with a gouge before doing the same onto a linoleum sheet.

And here is the result !


Linocut workshop

A first day of initiation to linocut for Laurence and very nice results.

First tests on rubber block, easy to dig with a gouge, then work on linoleum. The “cutting board” specially designed to block the linoleum plate makes it easier to work and avoids hurting yourself with the gouge.

It is printed with a spoon, which gives very good results. But you can also use a binding press. The results vary according to the ink and the support (paper / cloth) used.

The pretty drawings of “Rag doll” in linocut

It was on a hot day that Celine, aka “Rag doll”, started to learn linocutting.

After a first try on an eraser block to practice gouging, Céline transferred one of her drawings on a linoleum plate using white transfer paper (Copyrite) and patiently dug the plate to reveal the patterns.

The inking and the spoon marouflage produced very beautiful impressions.

Bravo Céline !


Today it was Tetra®print workshop

Printing from Tetra pack® packaging is the art of recycling.

Perfect to learn about engraving.

The material is easily cut with a cutter knife or a pair of scissors.
Dry-point engraving is done on the side covered with “aluminium” paper, then certain parts are removed to reveal the cardboard and then reveal deep “blacks” later on.
The plate is inked with intaglio inks using a small tarlatan pad.
It is necessary to insist on the bare parts and the grooves.
The printing is done on intaglio press with a special sheet of paper for engraving or wet watercolour paper.
If there is no intaglio press, a pasta machine can be used.

Workshop Courses at the studio – the Summer Program

Workshops start again during the summer. To continue to respect the barrier gestures, you will not be more than 2 at a time.

Register on line and download the programs.

Tetra®print workshop – Thursday July 2 / Thursday August 6


Introduction to engraving from recycled material – preparation of a printing plate on Tetra brick packaging, creation of “deep black” areas for printing – “A la poupée” inking process – intaglio printing on an intaglio press.

Linocut workshop – Friday July 3

/ Friday August 7

Preparatory drawing defining the surfaces to be inked – tips for quick transfer of the drawing – cutting the block of rubber or the plate of linoleum linoleum (at you choice) with a gouge – inking with a rubber brayer using water-based inks for linocut – printing on paper either with an old binding press or with a spoon.

Collagraphy workshop – Thursday July 9

/ Thursday August 27

Preparation of a printing plate by gluing and varnishing different materials on a rigid cardboard plate – varnishing of the plate, both sides – inking “à la poupée” with intaglio inks – spoon printing on intaglio paper.

Decoupage & collage workshop – Friday July 10

/ Friday August 28

Little papers or printed plain or coloured, covered with pictures or text, embellished with gold or stamped patterns, drawn or painted… They will be cut, torn, then pasted harmoniously on a background to compose a figurative or abstract illustration.


Decoupage – collage workshop at the studio scheduled for April 3 postponed to Saturday May 23, 2020

Due to public health guidelines regarding coronavirus and mandatory containment, the April 3rd workshop has been postponed to Saturday, May 23rd. Stay safe, take care! See you soon!

Come and spend a day at the workshop to practice the art of collage with plain or printed paper, enhanced with gold or with stamp, liner or painted motifs… They will be cut, torn, then glued harmoniously on a background to compose a figurative or abstract illustration. Download the program and register on :
Limited number of places (3 maximum)

My online shop remains open, and all orders will be honoured as soon as possible.  Do not hesitate to contact me.

Courage to all, happy to live and stronger than ever!


Learn how to make your own stamps.

Meika shop BELFORT old town, 29 grand rue

Saturday September.15 – 3 p.m